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10 Topics Authors Can Blog About - That Readers, Writers And Bloggers Will Love

You know how important it is for authors to have a website, even if not yet published.

You also know that sites that include a blog get much more traffic than sites that don't.

So you've decided to start a blog (because you obviously want loads of traffic), but what exactly can an author blog about?

I have found that the 10 following topics will interest not only readers,

but other writers and bloggers too!

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1. Writing Process

You're a writer. Everyone wants to know how you do it. Everyone wants to know how you create different worlds and create relatable characters.

Share your writing process: where you find inspiration for your books and short stories, how you overcome writer's block, how much time you spend writing everyday, how you balance your day job with your writing schedule, what applications you use to write, and so on.

2. Writing Tips

You will most likely get site visitors who are aspiring writers themselves.

Give them some writing tips: you can teach about world-building, how to show and not tell, how to bring story characters to life, how to outline and create an interesting plot, how to keep the story moving, etc.

You are spoiled for choices under this topic!

3. Publishing Process

Are you published or in the process of getting published?

Tell us all about where to find publishing companies, how to choose the right one, why you chose that particular publisher over another, tell us whether it's an easy process or a stressful one.

Are you an indie author?

Share with readers why you made that decision, the advantages and disadvantages, educate your readers on independent publishing.

4. Marketing Process

Did you market your books successfully? How did you do it?

You can talk about your marketing strategy, the different platforms where you promoted your book, whether you made your book available for pre-order and why, how you run advertisement, how you created a book trailer, etc.

This will be valuable advice not only for writers, but other entrepreneurs as well.

5. Lessons Learned

Did something go wrong when you were writing, publishing or marketing?

Educate your site visitors on how they can avoid making the same mistakes.

They will thank you for that!

6. Author Platform Tips

You have a blog. Share and educate your readers on how they too can get started.

Teach them everything you've learned about blogging and creating a successful author platform.

Do you have a strategy on how to gain more Youtube subscribers or Instagram followers? Readers will absolutely appreciate you sharing your secret!

7. Share Your Writing

Another great idea for blog posts, is sharing what you write.

Poetry, flash fiction, short stories, six-word stories, and so on.

If your site visitor hasn't read any of your books yet, this will make them appreciate your writing style and encourage them to purchase your books.

Also, if they enjoy what you write, they will subscribe to your mailing list so they don't miss out!

8. Behind the Scenes

How do you draft your stories?

What is your favourite snack when you're writing?

Is your writing space an absolute mess or super tidy?

Do your pets disturb you when you're writing?

This type of content is always interesting. Readers want to know that apart from being a writer, you are first of all a person who has a life (right?).

9. Encouragement

Are you particularly inspired today? Is there a certain positive vibe around you?

Why not share it with your readers? Encourage them to follow their dreams and never give up, give them a nice motivational speech!

10. Bookish Posts

As a writer, you probably read a lot.

Bookish content will be appreciated by both readers and writers.

Read an interesting book lately? Write a review, tell us what you liked and disliked.

Do you have a favourite book that you never get tired of reading? Tell us why.

Do you spend a lot of money on purchasing books or do you read on a budget? Tell us how we can do the same.

I hope these ideas are a good starting point for your blog posts.

Let me know how it goes and any more suggestions you have in the comments below.

Happy blogging!


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