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It's Summer Time - by Angel Moon

“It’s summer time

The birds are singing

the farmers are happy and ready for harvest.

Its summer time and everyone is happy,

The cold season has been forgotten and everyone is ready to enjoy the sun.

The lessons of the pain have been forgotten and we think we can live life with our own knowledge.

In his summer time King Saul thought he was doing God a favour and he offered a sacrifice he was not meant to and lost his kingship to David, the shepherd boy.

In his summer time, King David thought he had the right to have anything he wants; as a result, he committed murder and adultery.

In his summer time, Nebuchadnezzer became very proud and thought that there was no one above him and was turned into an animal.

In their summer time, Ananias and Sapphira lied and they died.

In his summer time, King Solomon became a husband to many wives and ended up dying in a shrine upon all the wisdom, splendour and wealth he had.

What do you do in your summer?

Summer time is the most exciting season.

No one has ever been sad during summer.

In the same way, summer time is the season where you my child think you know all and the thief steals you from you without your knowledge.”


Angel Moon

Angel Moon is the author of the upcoming book, Journey To An Unknown Destination.

She also has a passion for poetry - visit her blog to find more inspiration.

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Instagram: @angelmoon93


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