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How To Write An Author About Me Page That Readers Will Care About - In 3 Simple Steps

You've caught your reader's attention by placing everything they expect to see on your homepage. They are interested. They are hooked. But they don't really know you.

It's time to make a connection with your website visitors, one that will make them like you and like what you do. A connection that will make them want to stick around and find out why they should be supporting you.

And that's what your website's "About Me" page should be all about. But bear in mind, that this page is not really about you... it's about them. Your readers.

Here are 3 simple steps to write the perfect "about me" page

that readers will care about

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Step One: Tell a story

There is no better way to make a deeper connection with someone than by revealing something personal about you. For writers, the most obvious way to do this is by telling visitors how and when they started writing, or why they love writing so much.

Tell your readers the story of when you read that particular book by that special author, that you loved so much, that just made you want to start writing and one day become someone's favourite author.

Tell your readers about the time you wrote a play for your school, and people were surprised to hear that you were the one who came up with such a captivating story.

Tell your readers about that poetry contest you never thought you would win, but you did, and realised you were actually good at what you did.

You get the idea. Telling your reader why you do what you do is the first step to making them care and (hopefully) see what a wonderful person you are.

Step Two: It's all about the readers

Now that your readers care about you, show them how much you care about them!

This is the part where you tell them that everything you do, you do for them.

Let your site visitors understand that you started your website to make life easier for them. Obviously, you must be offering them something valuable: your books, articles, services, checklists and templates, advice from your blog.

Let your reader be aware that whatever they are looking for, they are in the right place, because you have all of that.

Step Three: Call to action

The perfect way to end your about me page is with a call to action.

Invite site visitors to check out your books, other products and services.

Add a mailing list subscription box so they can receive updates from you.

Invite them to reach out to you for anything via your contact submission form.

There you have it! My three simple steps to write the perfect about me page.

Did I leave out something?

Let me know in the comments below and share this post if you found it helpful.

Happy blogging!


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