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Write Through Depression

Last week I interviewed the bestselling author of Write Through Depression, Natalie Roberts. I thought I'd write a review of the book as I found it really deep and helpful.

This is hard to admit, but I struggle with anxiety and depression, and have recently shared my story in a guest blog post on

If you struggle with mental health issues or know someone who does,

and you'd like to help them, please read and share this article.

What is the book about?

Write Through Depression is a workbook created to help the reader take control of their depression by doing something creative - writing.

The author made it clear that the book was not specifically designed for writers, but for anyone who needs a journal or diary to write down their struggles through depression.

Also, the author is not a doctor, as stated at the very beginning of the book; however, she is a mental health student, and has managed to explain a difficult topic in very simple language, with no technical jargon, which made it an easy read.

What makes this book stand out is the fact that it is a workbook, so there's a lot of space for the reader to write down their thoughts whenever encouraged to do so by the author.

What does it cover?

The first chapter of the book briefly explains what depression is and how to recognise different symptoms, and there's space for the reader to add other symptoms he or she feels. I like that the author stresses how asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but rather shows you are strong person, as staying silent does not help.

One of my favourite chapters is "My Story", where the author shares her own experience with depression - when and how it started, how it manifested in her everyday life, and what helped her keep going.

It is followed by a chapter named "Your Story (isn't over yet)", which is filled with questions for the reader to look back and write down their experience with depression.

the questions (not only in this chapter but throughout the book) are deep and thought-provoking, which is exactly what I needed.

Other topics covered in the book are social media (and how it isn't your friend), how to change destructive habits, self-care, and professional help available.

There are also worksheets and trackers at the end, where you can write down what you are grateful for on each day of the week, a letter to your future self, a 21-day challenge on things you did well each day, and a 90-day challenge on things that made you feel good each day.

The author included a list of resources such as books, podcasts, and websites that you can look up for extra help.

My rating

What I loved most about Write Through Depression is the use of motivational quotes by mental health advocates and the conversational writing style of the author.

I highly recommend this book if you struggle with depression, or if you know someone who does, I believe it makes a lovely gift that will truly help the receiver.

"I want other people to know they are not alone

and it comforts me when they openly talk about it."

- Natalie Roberts

This goes without saying, but I give Write Through Depression 5/5 stars.


Write Through Depression is now an Amazon Bestseller.

Click here to get your copy


Check out my guest blog post

"I have a list of things that put me in a good mood, and I always do something from that list when I am not feeling like myself.

On top of my list is writing and journaling. When I’m in a depressed mood I write down how I feel, or whatever is going on in my mind. It helps to let out the frustration without hurting myself or anyone around me.

At the moment, I am writing my first novel, so working on that is also a great distraction from my problems."


Did you find this article helpful? Any thoughts on depression?

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